The Collage Trip

I went to buena vista  it was awesome! It had the best view of the lake and a really good story on how the collage was built and famous  people who wen t there. my favorite part of the collage trip was when we went to eat there was so many options it was unbelivable we need thats in our school. also students  have a lot more privlages  there such as they can stay in there dorm if they dont feel like going to school or when there classes are over they can study, reserch, or just realax. also they have the option to raom the collage. theres the one area in the collage if you walk through it as a student more than twice you will not gradulate in 4 years i thought that was pretty cool/ scary. when i gradulate i school i want to go there for the law enforcement i want to work as a CIA agent or a police officer i havent desided yet. iv never visited a collage that was my first and i hope not my last because that was fun.  what suprised me was how big the collage is and how long it takes to go around it.

Genius hour project

my project, im learning how to desine my own website i haven’t thought of a a name yet. on my website you will be able to create an account and add people. its meant for making friends for what ever console you play on, ps3 xbox1 ps4 wii u. there will also be a shopping menu if you want to buy mods for a certain game and admins of the website can add new things.  also on this website you can post your achievements that you have accomplished so you and your Friends can see it . when you post you achievments you will be able to leave a comment im not adding likes or dislikes tabs for copy right reasons and all you really need to do is comment anyway. also there will be a giveaway every month 3 free mod menus for cod bo2, gta5, and mw3 and possibly modded accounts.

Summer and spring

This summer i plan on Playing video games and traveling to Texas and Chicago for a while we are gonna stay in Texas for a couple of years and that’s where we will live. i also plan on starting a YouTube channel because my old one diffident turn out so well i haven’t thought of a name yet but i will soon, might call it (Disaster Man) and ill do Bo2 live streams and Dark souls 2 Lets Plays! over the spring i did nothing but video games all day because there really nothing  anything else to do. also during the summer i plan on getting a job and working more. also getting my permit and a moped so i can drive. im gonna save to buy a bunch of new games to record to get more subscribers for YouTube. My summers gonna be pretty boring/exiting. i dont plan on doing any reading because its summer and its pretty much a beak from school and iv found only 1 good book and i finished it. i can wait for high school because people say its the most remember-able  time of your life and make the right choices or there will be horrible consequences. 

Worlds Biggest Tree

The worlds biggest tree is Giant sequoia its about {274.9} Feet all  the bark from the trees are fire proof making the tree impossible to burn its can survive 3500 years in the wild its it also 3 feet deep. the tree waighs about 1600 pounds and 725,700 kgsearch?q=giant+sequoia+pictures&rlz=1CADEAA_enUS669&espv=2&biw=1366&bih=633&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjx09Six73JAhVJmx4KHdwtBXQQ_AUIBigB&safe=active&ssui=on#imgrc=62hLgk-4oX1PLM%3A click that to see what the tree looks like.


Everyday i eat a burger because bergers are good everyone has had a burger before becuase BERGER+Americans=AMERICA. there are all kinds of bergers cheese, all pickle, all kechup, all mustard and, my favorite Cheese. without bergers im nothing i would just be that kid in the corner that dosent eat. but i thank who ever made bergers becauses they are my hero. burger4_0

Raise Your Voise

Most people cant raise there voice because they wernt aloud to. some were put into  concentration camps for speaking up. some were even executed.  also  people that were bullied cant speak up. when your at work sometimes you cant speak up or you’ll loose your job.  There are times when you cant speak up and there are times when you can like say if your walking through the hall and you see someone getting bullied that’s a time where yew can and should speak up. The president has to speak up to keep his job and the severe weather adviser have to speak up to keep us safe. Say you have a test in Math, SS, Reading Language Arts, Health, and MTSS you might have to tell the teacher something to another day. The people in Iraq cant speak up or they will get killed or hurt.  A animal every 10 seconds in The USA is abused or hert they cant do anything about it but cry because they cant speak. most animals are aboudes every minute. some contrys have a limit to how many kids you can have due to population control so they have to go off and kill the child. they cant peak up because they are new born and cant even see. there’s a country where if your  girl you cant show your face or you will get executed there not aloud to do anything but work eat and sleep. In the army your not aloud to leave or you’ll go to prison unless you make it to Canada but then it would just be embarrassing. in mexico its legal to escape from prison but if you get caught you will get a longer sentience. Most contrys arnt as fair as the us and you should always speak up when nessisary.